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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Work area

August 1, 2010:
I tried to find a place to photograph my hooking project, on the couch, the bed, a chair - and then it hit me - the freezer! The dots at the top are the magnets holding it up. When I was hanging it up, I noticed some puckering - I thought I had been liberal in the amount of holes I skipped. Hopefully it is not bad and will improve when I steam it. It also may be because there is a large amount of space that has not been hooked yet causing the hooked area to appear puckered. Another lesson I will learn, I guess.
Also below are pictures of my work area, where I do my hooking, some of my stash.
Work in Progress
Some of my yarn (purse, cowboy hat, etc)
My hooking frame (beside piano)
Stash, wool cutter, stool to sit and hook

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