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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Renee' latch hooking

Wednesday, April 18, 2010: 
Renee' is working on a latch hook project that she had started a few years ago. She likes to finish one project before going on to another one.  I ordered three kits for her that will be coming in the mail soon.  I had asked her what kind of pictures she wanted and she said, a horse, a dog, a puppy, and a rose. 

This is when I walked in to take her picture while she works on her mat. Later I'll hold it up so she can take a picture of her progress and will post it on my blog.

Here, Renee' is pulling her loops up, very evenly. She likes a very structured day, an allotted time for everything.  She works very methodically and for exactly the same amount of time each day,  a true member of the 10-minute hooker group.
/Deb "Mom"

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Julia said...

Hi Deb and Renee, It so nice to see Renee working on her latch hooked rug. I used to do latch hooked rugs years ago. I bought Mary Maxime rug kits and there is still one around in one of the bedrooms. I say a rug is a rug no matter how it's hooked.

Your locker hooking looks quite interesting. I'm sure that you'll get the hang of locker hooking because you're very crafty. By the look of it it appears to be a nice size for a hot pad pot pourri or pot holder. What do you use as backing? Do you teach crafts?

I made 5 batches of pre-mix fot pesto tonight and used 20 cups of packed basil leaves and still have a lot more basil in my big bag waiting to be processed. I ran out of small containers and will have to go buy some more tomorrow.