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Friday, August 20, 2010

Bought fabric

Friday, August 20, 2010:
Went to Hancock Fabrics and picked out some cotton fabric for my locker hook rug. I have no idea how much it takes, so I'll have to see if this is enough or whether I need more.  I am going to try making a rug about 30x60 (give or take) to go beside my bed. I ordered the canvas and hopefully it will arrive soon, but this weekend I can prepare my cloth strips.   I bought four different colors, 2 yards of each. The colors are in the range of greens/purple/yellow/orange.  After I turn under the edges, I plan to start in the middle. I may make rectangles, not sure yet.  Stay tuned. /Deb


Kim said...

You will have to give us a tutorial on locker hooking. I have never seen it before but it looks interesting. I would also love to see updates on Renee's latch hook project. My Mom used to do many latch hook pieces before she became ill. I treasure those rugs the most.

Julia said...

Hi Deb, I looked at a couple of Youtube locker hooking videos and I don't think that I quite got it. One was working with fabric strips and the other was working with yarn. I think that I'll stick to my wool rug hooking.

I took a four week course, one night a week to learn the basic and I plan to get Gene Shepherd's Rug Hooking Bible to learn more. He uses wide strips and I like the finer cuts because that what I learn.
I'm amazed that you learned so fast to locker hook.

Looking forward to seeing your new creation. JB

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