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Monday, August 2, 2010

The rug so far

"The process" blog entry was about a design I was starting. I only worked on it a little while tonight. But here is a picture of it so far, along with the area I work in. You can see my piles of thread on my piano that I have used so far and want to keep separate so I can use in other areas. You know I need to think about what to call my work. They are not going to be rugs - oh my no, not in my house, but they are going to be wallhangings of art, but that is too much to say - so, I guess I'll call them mats - that just doesn't sound right. Also I'm considering the name for this piece 'Ebay Hooker', 'Ebay Strips', or something similar since I'm trying to use up the small amounts of various strips I purchased on ebay. /Deb

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