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Sunday, August 8, 2010

In progress - back and front

Sunday, August 8, 2010:
Just got back from a overnight camping trip. Thought about my rug hooking and how to organize my wool - I'm still thinking, but it will come to me what to do. Before I left for my trip, I felt frustrated with my design because the wool is not very good, at least some of it. I don't want to stop working on the piece, but I also refuse to mix in my good quality wool.
When I got back home today, I sat down and hooked a little, didn't feel frustrated and actually believe I will finish it - still not going to mix the bad with the good though. Here's a picture of the the back and front - for the record. /Deb

My work in progress on the frame.

The first one is the beginning in progress of my #3 piece. In the next one, I have made a little more progress. Actually looks better than I thought - at least in pictures. Well - sometimes you have to brag on yourself - right?

A couple of pics of the back of my piece.


Julia said...

Yes, the cow was my first rug although I did a small sampler that I learned how to hook on . The design didn't speak to me and I never finished it.

My daughter posted a photo of their wedding a few minutes ago. you can view it on her blog; one thread two thread by clicking on the name of her blog. JB

Julia said...

Hi Deb, me again. Sorry to hear about your sinus infection. My daughter has been suffering with one for quite a while and has another appointment with her doctor tomorrow. Hope you feel better soon. Take care... JB