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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Cabinet finished

August 22, 2010:  I tackled my last bear this morning. I won't even begin to tell the details, but it's done. I had to do a little altering after I put a middle shelf as the bottom shelf - but it worked out. (Maybe I need to get my carpenter's license!!!!)  I don't know why they don't include back boards (cardboard) for all the cubbies, but I managed  by cutting the carton to fit the four missing pieces.  I sorted my wool slightly.  Now I can at least see what I've got - better than in boxes etc. 
Bear of a shelving unit - I did it!!!!

Progress 30x60 locker hook rug 8/22/10 

I took this picture this morning, I'm making pretty good progress, it's going more quickly than I thought. I am anxious to see how far 8 yards of cotton goes or if I need more. 

I appreciate your comments.  It's nice to have communication with friends about our mutual hobbies as well as life in general.  
One note I need to add - Renee's rug in the previous post is one that she had been working on a few years ago, after doing many many latch hooks. I guess she sort of got burned out for a while.  She has resumed working on this one. I'm going to show her how to finish the edges and we will hang it in her room.  /Deb


Kim said...

Great job building the shelves. Its a perfect way to display your wool. Mine is tucked all over the place so I never know what I have and waste alot of hooking time searching for a color.
Can't wait to see Renee's rug hanging on her wall. Its so cheerful.

Julia said...

Hi Deb and Renee, I'm impressed at your skill of carpentry. I'm some what useless at anything that requires assembling or anything mechanic or electronics. Computer skills is another thing that takes me for ever to learn.

I can learn from books with illustrations.I'm visual and need someone to physically show me. I've managed to assemble a weed eater after several tries of putting the darn things where they did not fit. Lol. Everything looks great. You can pat yourself on the back and say, Job well don Bev.

Your Locker hook rug is coming along fast as you said. Are you following some king of pattern or are you planning to as you go or is it straight lines? Keep us posted on your progress.

I too can't wait for Renee to display her new bear rug. She's doing a great job like her mom. JB