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Sunday, August 22, 2010

Not enough

Sunday night, 8/22/10:
After getting my wool sorted, I began work on my locker hook rug.  It was hot again today, so I decided not to do anymore yard work, maybe next weekend.  This locker hooking is going really fast it seems. I plan a rectangle in the middle section surrounded by several border colors. 

As I said I was anxious to see how far 8 yards of material will go.  Well, I have a feeling that it is not nearly enough. There are 10 tiny squares to a blue-lined section, and the whole rug is 12x20 which is about 240 of those squares.  I have done only 36 sections.  I guess I am half way through my fabric, maybe even more.  So, looks like a trip to the fabric store tomorrow and hopefully they will still have the same bolts of cotton I purchased the other day. 

I had to put a bandaid on my right ring finger because I was beginning to feel a blister from where the hook rubs against it.  Am I addicted?????  The pain - the gain????

We are having a thunder storm right now, the satellite is down and hopefully I can read some of the blogs I follow before the electricity goes out.   Til next time.  /Deb

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Julia said...

My goodness Deb, don't wear your fingers out... lol. They don't grow back you know. lol...

I hope that you can find the same fabric to finish your rug. What happened to your abstract rug? Did you just put it aside for a while to try something new. I thought that you were doing so well with it.

For wool rug hooking it takes about four to five time more wool than he size of the pattern. For example to hook about a square inch you need about four to five square inches of fabric. It's just an estimate. There is always wastage from the snippets, also it depends how wide the strips are.

I hope you don't loose your electricity tonight and that you both get a good night sleep.

Tell Renee that I appreciate her healing hugs for my little calf. If I think of it in the morning, I'll try to take a photo of Raspy. He's mostly white.

I do appreciate your comments. JB