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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Progress report

Sunday, 8/15/10: 
I've been working steadily on my abstract design.  Thought I would post a picture.  It is too heavy for the magnets on the freezer to hold it up, so Renee' is holding it for me.   Oh yes, and the photos are upside down because the heaviest part is at the top.  (I didn't want Renee' standing on her head if I flopped the pic 90 degrees!) /Deb


Julia said...

Hi Deb, your abstract rug is looking great and Renee is doing a great job showing it off too. I still haven't started binding my last two rugs yet, now I got everything I need except motivation and extra time. I'm making pickles instead because the cucumbers are overtaking my little cucumber patch.

Looking forward to seeing and reading about Renee's contributions to your blog. JB

Wendie Scott Davis said...

Hi Deb,

thanks for visiting my blog and bringing me to yours.
Re the underpainting - no you can't paint under your hooking because it would fill in the holes - although you might be able to do a marker line around your shapes. This kind of underpainting is actually an additional hooking - with yarn - around the shapes.
Instead of a black outline, which many people use, the orange colour is meant to look like an underpainting on a painting. It was just an idea I had and I wanted to try it.

Have fun with your abstract piece, it's coming along nicely.

And have fun with your blog.