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Friday, August 27, 2010

Sharing with a friend

Friday, August 27, 2010:
We must concentrate on the good things, not worry about such things as computer - my new motto for the week! 
This evening I met my friend, Barb for supper and to talk about locker hooking. She treated me to Chinese.  I shared a piece of my canvas with her, and showed her a couple of things I had learned, the way to cut the cloth to keep the strips together, and the way I pull my ends up and/or weave them in the hooking process.  We also went by Hancock's Fabrics and got some fabric. Barb bought some ribbon to go around her edges that match the fabric - neat idea.  I found some cotton cording that I'm going to try on my "bear" rug.  It was nice to share my hobby with my friend. Who knows one day we may start a hooking club around our area. 
When I got home I didn't feel like tackling the "bear" or working on my wool, so I cut canvas about the size of a place mat, (size 5) and stripped cloth that I had bought today.  I just sat and hooked and relaxed my mind after talking to my brother who eased my mind about my computer issue. I have a small netbook and I'm going to use that for a while.  I just mainly need a computer to read/write blogs, check emails.
So things are looking up. 
Til next time/Deb

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Julia said...

Deb, I think that your computer modem was the cause of your problems. We've have severals replaced on our computers now and then. I'm glad that you can still blog. JB