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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gifts to my brother

Thursday, September 30, 2010:
After I got off work, I went by Bullocks (the oldest BBQ restaurant in town, I believe) and picked up some chopped BBQ, sliced BBQ, slaw, and blackberry cobbler to take to my brother's house for supper.  Also, I wanted to show him my locker hooked rugs so he could pick the one he liked the best.  I also took the two hot pads/coasters I had hooked.  We had our supper and Steve liked everything.  The 2nd  rug, tans/browns, looked perfect in front of his kitchen sink and, if I had tried, I could not have matched his counter tops any better - perfect!  Then we went to his bedroom and believe it or not, the colors in his striped bedspread were exactly the colors in the #3 rug of curves!!  He preferred to hang this rug on his wall as a piece of art rather than use as a rug.  I am so happy that he liked them.  Of course he offered to pay me for them - but then it wouldn't be a gift.  Now I have to figure out how to sew a strip on the back for the rod that it will hang from; how wide, how close to the edge, etc. 

It is so nice when another person really likes your creations and Steve has always liked mine. He showed me a beautiful piece of handmade lace that I had given him a few years ago - exquisite if I have to say so myself. It is a circle, similar in appearance to a round snowflake, very ornate.  I made handmade lace for a while, it was extremely tedious and quite a challenge.  I still have all my bobbins and materials needed, but I don't think I will be doing that any time soon. 

I also tried tatting - no more though; however,  I did manage to tat an heirloom doily (8-10 inches in diameter, I think), which I gave to my baby girl, Sharon (baby now age 34!) and she treasures it.  I will try to get photos of these two items to show on my blog.

I have started back to work on my wool rug hooking, seems slow and it took a while to get the rhythm again. I want to locker hook but know if I start on one, I will never finish my wool rugs.  We'll see how that works out.

Meanwhile I'm also working on the fiction book. I have edited through my first 16 chapters, of course still in draft form. Now I plan to start writing the rest of the story. 

The rain has ended for a while, some areas received 6-12 inches!  It is much cooler, so I believe fall has finally arrived - my favorite time of the year.  In fact, in the next few weeks, I plan a little trip towards the mountains because I need to see a city that is included in my book so my descriptions can be somewhat accurate.  Till next time.


Julia said...

Deb, I'm so glad that your brother loved your gifts and that they matched so perfectly his decor. Sometimes things are just meant to be...

I'm surprised on how much you have written on your fiction book already.

A lot of people love fiction books as it showed on RHD Book Club but unfortunately I'm not a fan of fiction but that's my own preference and I'm out numbered in that department. I know that you are so hard driven that you will finish your book in record time. Wishing you all the luck on this project. Hugs, Julia

Barbara said...

Deb: I am so happy that your brother enjoyed your gifts. Who could not appreciate receiving gifts from such a talented sister. I shared your blog with someone I work with and she was so impressed with the fact that you could do so many different crafts, paintings, artwork, hookings, and now your book.
Will anxiously wait for more on your book and being able to read it.