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Sunday, September 19, 2010

Nice day

Sunday, September 19, 2010:

Today has been a very nice day. First of all, I got a good night's sleep last night which always help.  While having my morning coffee, and a little snack for breakfast, I contemplated the yard work that needed doing.  Needless to say, my locker hooking won hands down over that chore, even though it was cool enough outside to work in the yard.  I had to work on the curves some more.

My friend Barbara was supposed to come over this morning so by 9:00 when I had not heard from her, I was going to give her a call. I had a missed call and evidently I had not heard my cell phone ring because I didn't have my hearing aids in and also because I was listening to my audiobook.  I returned her call and she was on her way to my house.  It was a cool, beautiful morning, so we sat outside in the front yard for a while. We talked about rug hooking and went inside so I could show her what I had been working on.  One of my neighbors was having a yard sale and two of my coworkers had come to it and when they saw us outside, came over for a quick hello.  Barbara and I  planned to go to the fabric store, so while I took a shower and got dressed, Barbara started on a mat she was going to make for her table. She sewed the cotton cord to the edging in preparation. She wanted to find some purple and red fabric at the store. 

At the store, I couldn't resist a few more pieces of fabric at 1.58/yard, and Barbara got some fabric with purple and other colors in it.  We also found out that this store, the ONLY fabric store , in town would be relocating in January more than likely about 20 miles from my house. 

We drove to Chapel Hill and had some lunch, Barbara had a fruit plate and I had a Greek Gyro. We then went to check out a fabric store there.  They didn't have a "sale" table, so I bought 1/2 yard of a few colors.  Barbara had to get home to fix supper. It was really nice having someone to spend the day with and share in our hobby.   

I was interested in finding out exactly how much 1/2 yard of fabric would cover of the canvas.  This blue hot pad is four of the blue-lined squares on a 3.75 canvas.  So, that would be an inexpensive gift idea.  It took about two hours to make, maybe less when I get used to making them. 

Here's the update on my LH #3 rug, Curves. /Deb


KathyB. said...

You are on a roll. I like the blue fabric and since I have so many little scraps of locker hook canvas put away you have given me some ideas . I will be taking one of my locker hook rugs to the Fair to work on this week while I sit in the Animals of the World Barn for 5 days. Many, many people are interested in locker hooking after they see me doing it there and also view the sheep that produce the wool I use. It is interesting to see the difference in texture and colors fabric offers~

Deb said...

Kathy, one of the coworkers that dropped by yesterday really wants to do LH also. It's hard to believe I had never heard of it until recently. But you're right, when people see it they really like the rugs. It would be nice to be able to boost my income a bit when I retire - we'll see. /=

Kim said...

The curves are looking fantastic. This is going to be an amazing abstract looking rug.

Julia said...

Hi Deb, I should be doing yard work too but had to check out your blog. You're on to something... If you enjoy this LH then it must be for you. Your curves are looking mighty nice. Nice that you took some time to be with your friend on Sunday. Sorry to hear about the fabric store relocating. That may be why the fabric is so cheap. If I was you I would stock up on fabric while the price is right. Here in Fredericton, I never seen cotton that cheap in many many years. JB

Deb said...

Good idea Julia - I think I will go at least once a week and get as much of the 1.58/yd fabric as I can afford for my future rug hooking. /Deb