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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Finished rugs

Wednesday, September 8, 2010:
During our camping trip this past weekend, both Renee' and I finished our hooking projects.  It was such a warm feeling to be sitting with Renee', both of us just quietly working on our rugs.  You know, Renee' has always worked for a scheduled amount of time each day, but on this occasion it was different.  I guess since I finished mine she felt compelled to finish hers.  I went to bed and left her still hooking away.  The next morning when I was making my coffee, Renee' sat up on her bunk and said "I finished" and pointed to the table.  I was so surprised and happy for her.  I asked her "Renee' my goodness, what time did you did it done?  It's beautiful!"   She said "12:40" - and lay back down and went back to sleep. Later we took photos. 

I put my rug on the floor in the cabin and it was perfect for the decor, a real homey feeling.  Sadie, must have thought it was her magic carpet because she immediately sniffed a couple of times and made herself really comfortable on the cushy new rug. 

Renee' looking at her new latch hook project.

My rug on the floor next to my bed at home!

Now it's back to work on my wool rug hooking, contemporary design - Sunshine had to get in the picture too.  I really enjoyed the locker hooking, but I do like to make designs with my wool hooking. 
P.S.  I've also added more slideshows to my artwork posting below. Hope you will take a look.


Julia said...

Great job to both of you. You locker rug looks great and the colors do look nice with the wood floor. It's even dog approved. JB

Julia said...

Renee, You amaze me at your dedication on hooking your Teddy Bear rug. It's really beautiful and you did a super job. Thanks for showing it to us. JB

KathyB. said...

You've both inspired me to get busy again! Beautiful rugs, both of them. Your time camping together sounds so special , I enjoyed reading about it.

I am loving your CD and will post something about it at a later date...thank-you again, very much!

Would you post a picture of yourself at your piano?How long have you played?

Deb said...

Thanks so much Julia and Kathy. I think I enjoy locker hooking the most, but will do regular wool hooking because I have so much wool (or I could just make a blanket with the wool!)
Kathy, I took piano lessons when I was small for a few years but I really enjoy just playing in my own arrangement. I'm glad you like the CD Kathy. I'll get Renee' to take a picture of me playing and post it, maybe this weekend.

Barbara said...

Deb: I woke up this morning and then tried to fall back to sleep, couldn't, so the first thing I thought about was checking out your blog. Your rug is so beautiful and Renee' is amazing. What a cozy feeling to see the two of you, and the constructive time you share together. I love the fact that you get so many things accomplished and feel a little jealous that I haven't even finished one of my projects. I need to move in with you and Renee' (ha!ha!) I tried to go through your blogs yesterday but it is so difficult to try to do that during work. I did spend my one-half lunch hour checking it out, but had so many people wanting talk to me or ask questions. I am going to cruise on down the blog to make sure I haven't missed something.

Barbara C said...

Your rug really came out beautifully (and so did Renee's). The colors are really wonderful. It looks great on your floor.