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Monday, September 20, 2010

The Nothing and the Now

Monday, September 20, 2010:
First of all I hope no one calls in the "white coats" to come and take me away - ha ha.
After having lunch today with a friend, our conversation got me to thinking.  How many people do not live in the "now".  We remember yesterday, the past, we plan for the future, tomorrow, next week, next event, plan our day, etc.  The "nothing" is taking us away from the "now" - the electronic gadgets growing more popular every day, more people and businesses becoming totally dependent on them.  Text messaging, email, google, internet, cell phones, DVRs, and on and on I could go. Without them there would be the "nothing" but the "now".  I'm not complaining about the advances in technology - I love my washer and dryer, gas heat, freezer, and my cell phone and internet, and even fast food, etc. Even online banking and bill pay - how long has it been since we actually hand wrote a personal letter and licked a stamp.  Hallmark can not say it better.

I believe that is why rug hooking is so special to us rug hookers.  It brings us to the "now". We stop and enjoy our moments as they happen.  Each loop of fabric is a happening, an accomplishment in the now.  At least that what it seems to be for me.  When I go camping, sitting on the porch in the early morning, the sunrise, the calm water, just the "now" -  I treasure all those moments. 

Just wanted to share some of my thoughts./Deb


Doris said...

It's so true. We get caught up in the planning for tomorrow and forget to live today. We need to take the time to smell the roses!

Deb said...

Hey Doris - thanks for dropping by. I looked at your blog and added you to my follow-list. I really like your blog quote about not waiting for your ship to come in. /Deb

Kim said...

Well said Deb. The highlight of my day is when I can un-plug and pull a few strands of wool through my fingers.

Julia said...

That's what I found out too , is when I pull hoops it like a mantra. It soothes and calms me. I don't need to be anywhere else when I hook. JB

Anonymous said...

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