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Friday, October 1, 2010


  This is a slideshow of some of my artwork. Oil/pastel/watercolor paintings, scratchboard, woodburning, wood carving, handmade clay pieces,  mosaics and beadwork.  I might use some of my painting designs in my rug hooking.   I have added slideshows of some of my other artwork too.  There may be some duplicate photos included. /Deb


Julia said...

Deb, you are one talented lady. You have such a variety of paintings, do you have a favorite style? I always wanted to do some acrylic paintings like my older sister but never seem to even try. I've painted on ceramics and a rock. lol. JB

Deb said...

Thank you Julia. What I like probably depends on my mood more than anything. I like contemporary design, just to see what comes out of it. I really like using pastels, and vases are my other favorite. There is just not enough time in my week to do everything. One thing, when I retire, I will not be wondering what to do with myself.

weaverpat said...

Hi Deb,
Thanks for posting your paintings and other art here for those of us who don't do Facebook.
You have done some really interesting pieces. I tend to like the more realistic ones, but all are exceptionally nice.
Yes, some of the abstracts would make great rugs!

Barbara said...

Deb: I just finished your art show and realize all the things you have done that I was not aware of. I need to add the pictures to my book. I am going to see if Kelsey will print them out on card stock in a size that will fit into the book. I cannot believe all beautiful things you have done.