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Friday, September 10, 2010

Piano and Christmas 2007

As requested - so far these are the only pictures I can find of me playing the piano. It is from 2007 at Christmas. We are at my parents' home. At Christmas, Renee' always sings her favorite song "Silent Night".  Wonderful memories. (That's my parents sitting on the couch). /Deb

I have recorded 3 long playing albums (yes, I'm that old), and have had two piano concerts. I made this CD 3-4 years ago and everyone tells me how much they enjoy it. It contains my piano arrangements.

1-9: Medleys of How He Is
10. Meditation
11. Majesty
12. In the Image of God
13. This Love Is Mine
14. He
15. Without Him
16. He Touched Me
17. The Lord's Prayer
18. My Tribute
19. The King is Coming

If you would like to order a CD, please send me an email at
The price is $15, plus $4 shipping to USA, $12.00 shipping to Canada.


Barbara said...

Deb: I was totally in shock when I looked at your blog today. I had looked at it on September 8th, and was excited about what you had accomplished, and then when I looked at the September 10th addition, was in awe. I love the fact that you added your music album, pictures of you and Renee' and the opportunity for people to order it. It is a great album and well worth the price you are asking for it. I only wish you were able to cut another one. Keep it up, your blog improves constantly and we are able to see all the talents that you have.

Julia said...

Deb, your photos are lovely.

I never made a CD but I used to sing at weddings and funeral by request and I was a cantor in church. I sang solo and guided the congregation into responses until I was operated on for a tumor on my thyroid and lost my singing voice for two years. My singing voice came back little by little but it's not as good as it once was plus the fact that I don't practice singing anymore.

Good luck with launching your new CD.


KathyB. said...

Thank-you for posting these pictures, I can now imagine you playing when I listen to your CD. Well worth the price you are asking, truly!