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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Good ending week

Sunday, October 31, 2010:
    Wow what a week of ups and downs, mainly for my oldest daughter, but that of course affects me as well.  To shorten the story, all ended really well. Things worked out very well for all the circumstances that were changing and hanging in air. A huge relief and a good feeling.
     Renee' and I spent Saturday at my youngest daughter's house. I helped her with more of her biology studies, we had pizza, sat by the fire outside a while. Great time. I enjoy helping her study because I missed out on a lot of that opportunity when she was young.  After leaving her house, we went to my mom's. She had cooked turnip greens, pork chops and cornbread, yummy! 
     Today, I have mostly rested. I joined my son and his family and watched them carve two pumpkins (mom and dad, Jill and William are too young).  They were surprised to learn that I have never carved a pumpkin.  It was nice watching their family together, sitting on a halloween blanket (tablecloth) and join together in the fun.  Also, I did work on my wool abstract rug off and on all day, being very gentle with my hurt finger. 
     Earlier tonight, Sadie and Sunshine started barking ferociously because someone knocked on the door. I cracked open the door and saw two little kids and I told them I don't have any candy. I had actually forgot it was halloween.  Sorry if I gave them a horrible holiday and I hope when I go outside in the morning they did not trick me somehow. 
     It's time to get ready for my work week. 

Until next time/Deb

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commoncents said...

VERY VERY COOL! Thanks for posting!

Common Cents