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Friday, October 29, 2010

Update and trigger finger

Friday, October 28, 2010:
        Another two weeks has passed since I've written. One of these days I'm going to quit saying "I can't believe how time flies".  But it sure seems to.  So thought I would write a little update.
       On Sunday, 10-17, I used my webcam and talked with my son and his wife in Hawaii. Also, I tried reading a story to my two youngest grandchildren.  Jill will be two in November and William was born this past April. They don't quite understand about webcams and, for that matter, neither do I.  I figured out how to put the webcam on my blouse and hold the book in front of me (and cam) and it works better that way. 
       On Monday, 10-18, I was off work. My dad (who will be 83 in November) came over and we worked in my yard. I have lived in my house about 15 years and used to keep up with raking the pine straw and trimming the bushes just about every weekend. For the past couple of years I have not kept up with all the yard work - trying to obtain the "natural" look - and it worked. But, I was beginning to feel like the growth of the trees/bushes and everything was taking over. Dad and I got a whole lot done and were both exhausted.
      The rest of the week, I worked and rested.  On Friday, 10-22, I drove about 10 miles to a place that sells firewood and they filled up the backseat of my Toyota Matrix (car) with $20 worth of wood. I unloaded it when I got home. 
       On Saturday, I built a fire. That evening my daughter Sharon and Jason (10 years old) came over. I was very glad to see Jason since he doesn't come over too often.  He was a huge help with the fire by breaking lots of the dead twigs that had been gathered from doing the yard work and he kept the fire going.  I grilled some hamburgers on the grill for our supper.  His sister, Jessica (13 years old) called and wanted to come over, so Sharon went back home to get her.  While they were gone, Jason and I used my pocketknives to whittle four sticks to use for roasting marshmallows. It's been a very long time since I had roasted marshmallows. Sharon brought graham crackers with chocolate bars to make Smores.  In a while, Donnie, Jason's dad came to pick him up because he was going to have a sleep over with a friend.  Renee' popped up popcorn (that is a Saturday night tradition for her) and she sat with us by the fire a little while and we all had some popcorn and listened to some of the music Jessica had on her ipod or phone or whatever the newest gadget is these days.  Since Sharon is studying to be a medical assistant, she read some of her biology lessons. It was nice memory and I do have pictures to upload. Sometimes my USB connection doesn't work, but I will add the pictures later.
       On Sunday, I built a nice fire in my new fire pit and worked on my book most of the morning. My oldest daughter, Marilyn and her boyfriend, Seth, surprised me with a pickup truck half full of firewood.  They wanted to rake some of the pine straw in the front yard, so I helped.  I accidentally disturbed a yellow-jacket nest in the ground and (thankfully only one) a bee stung me under my right eye. Oh what pain!!! It didn't swell too badly but I sure felt bad. I didn't get to webcam with my son and his family because of all this. So I went to bed early that night.
       About the trigger finger - no I haven't shot a gun - but, I guess from cutting the bushes, pulling vines, picking up wood, etc. for the past few days my right middle finger has had the beginning signs of a trigger finger.  It is an involuntary curling in of the finger, has to do with the tendons etc. This can worsen to where your finger would stay in a closed position, and become disabling - which I definitely cannot let happen because I type for a living, I play piano and guitar AND I like to hook rugs.  So for a couple of weeks I'm going to rest my hand as much as possible so that it will heal.
      So, until next time.  /deb


Julia said...

Thanks for the update Deb. It seems that you are keeping yourself very busy. I can tell that you are an outdoorsy kind of girl.

Outdoor fires and roasting marshmallow seems kind of fun. We used to do that with the kids when they were young.

One year when they were older, they were doing it by themselves by the riverbank when the dry leaves and debris caught on fire and the flames were spreading. Luckily I spotted it and we ran with shovels and buckets to put the fire out.

I hope that your trigger finger gets better soon. I had a trigger thumb last year but one treatment at my chiropractor fixed it.

Hugs to you and Renee

Deb said...

Thanks Julia. I bought a finger splint to use and I have a wrist splint at home - they will just help me not use the hand so much when I'm not at work.
You reminded me of something - When little girls, my sister and I were in the grassy (more like wheat or dry straw) area between two farm fields at my Nannie's house. I guess we were striking matches, not sure - anyway - thankfully we were burned but we sure did cause a problem - no hoses, just a well and buckets for my mom and dad and grandparents to use. Of course, we never did that anymore! Love your childhood rug!

KathyB. said...

That is a whole lot of living and fun packed into a little bit of time. Your family activities sound very nice and give a cozy feeling. Any time like that with family is truly priceless.

I sure do hope your finger heals well and quickly, you have so much more creating and rafting to do!

Deb said...

Thanks KathyB. You're right, the time is really priceless. My finger is a little better. I've been trying to do a little wool rug hooking today, just taking it easy on the finger. It's surprising how important your middle finger is to doing everything! /debR