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Saturday, October 16, 2010

The fire pit and more

Saturday, October 16, 2010:

It's been a while since I have posted. Let me see, where to start?
After our trip to Millers Creek :  The following Tuesday, Renee' decided that she liked this "away from home" lifestyle, I guess; so, she went to my parents for what I assumed would be one day, then one night, then two nights.  I was totally lost without her!  She didn't want to come home until the following Monday at noon. I tried to "enjoy" myself - you know, do things I can't normally do. I went to hear a bluegrass band at a place called Floppys about 30 miles from her. My daughter works there. It was good to do that for a change.  On Saturday I went shopping (more below) and then went to a pig pick'in at Floppy's and had a really good time. They had three bands, bluegrass, country and blues. Country was my favorite. I stayed out too late for a senior citizen but I enjoyed myself. On Sunday I decided that Renee' had to come home - for my sake and sanity!  I told her that she can never leave me for that long again, maybe one night, but no longer.  She resumed her routine as always and life was back to normal.

On Saturday before the pig pick'in, I went shopping for some new clothes to wear to work. I also found a pair of overalls - sooo comfy- and a pair of nice western style boots.  I was just in the mood, you might say.  At Sears they gave me a $30 gift certificate and it had to be used by the 19th.  What did I do?  I went back to store to spend my gift certificate today and finished out a nice wardrobe for the winter.  As I was checking out, they announced over the speakers that were having a give away - well we all know what that means - They'll give you this IF you buy that.  Sure enough - that is correct.  The girl demonstrated the 'miracle cloth' after she gave us 3 small swatches of it, and after we saw how miraculous it worked, she showed us the miracle mop and IF we buy one package of the miracle cloth (two pieces about 36" square for $22), she would give us another pack free AND throw in the miracle mop.  I now have a nice wardrobe and can mop the floor.

I had bought a new web cam a week or so ago because my two youngest grandchildren live in Hawaii (my son and his wife). I had previously been able to see them on their web cam, but I wanted the kids to be able to know who Lala-Nana is. Also, I thought it would be a neat idea to read them a story, or do a little puppet show.  So, last Sunday afternoon, we gave it a try.  First of all I need to practice holding things in front of the web cam - it's backwards.  Also it's difficult to read a book from that angle.  But it was fun to try it. Tomorrow we are going to talk again, and this time I have figured out how to read a book to them and at the same time let them see the book. I put the web cam on the collar area of my shirt - that way it is looking at the book so they can see too, and Nana can actually read it!  So we'll see how that works out.
These past two weeks I finished my 4th locker hook rug, the plum/purple and green one that I was going to use for my bathroom. Well, my bathroom is more lavender and olive, so I didn't like it for the bathroom, so I put it in front of my chest of drawers.  Pretty soon I will have a totally carpeted house with locker rugs! 

I bought the fabric to match the pillow/bedspread of my brother's, but haven't decided exactly what I want to design yet.  For now I've been working on my wool hooking. It is so tedious, it took a while to get back into the rhythm after doing the locker hooking.

I have also made pretty good progress on my book. I have written two scenes and also done some editing.  This is the second third of the book and I should be through the final "draft" pretty soon.  Then I will start on the last third.  I believe I might just get it finished and that will be super great.

At work things are going better than usual. I worked pretty hard reorganizing my office and the medical record room to make space for the new, much needed, cabinets they are buying. I am going to be off work Monday and Tuesday, but I think it will be nice to go back to my "new" office with my new clothes.

I tried to rent the cabins at our campsite but they are already reserved. My daughter had the idea of trying it in a tent but I'm afraid that wouldn't work too well with Renee'.  But, I thought that we could put up the tent in my backyard which is pretty private and at the same time we would have all the luxuries of the house.  Sharon said but we wouldn't be able to have a fire at night.  So, today after I bought my clothes, I went to Lowe's and bought a "city" fire pit - I really like the one I got. I went by my parents' house and they have a fire pit type stove in their yard and dad has quite a lot of wood, so he gave me a few pieces to start with. Also, my yard is full of twigs and branches etc.   When I got home, I put the fire pit together with Renee's help.  I set it up on my patio. I hosed down the surrounding area just to be safe (silly me - almost hosed down my wood!).  Renee' didn't want to come out because it was too cold she said.  Since it's Saturday night, she did make popcorn, so I sat outside about 3 hours, had coffee, popcorn, and played my guitar a little bit. 

4th LH Rug - purple/green
 What a great week I've had. Until next time/Deb 
PS: As I read back through this post, I realized that maybe I SHOULD post more often. I had more to say than I knew!

Abstract wool rug in progress


Julia said...

So glad to have you back Deb. I thought I had left a comment last evening and then I realized that I had left it on my own blog. Life has been hectic here for me and I got myself tired enough that I succumbed to a bit of a chest cold but I'm managing. I can't believe that you are on your 4th locker hooked rug and your abstract wool rug is coming along so nicely. Everything looks so great. Have a blessed day. Hugs, JB

Deb said...

Hugs back to you Julia. You take care, put on some Vicks vapor rub and rest!!!!!

KathyB. said...

Nice locker-hooked rug! You are a fast worker. I expect the unfinished abstract rug to be done before the month is out at this rate~

Deb said...

As I've commented before Kathy - you can tell I don't have a big social calendar!! I can't believe it was two weeks since my last post. The abstract is more near completion than I remembered, after I took it off the frame and looked at it, so yeah, hopefully by the end of this month! Thanks for dropping by. /deb

Barbara said...

Deb: It has been too long since your last blog. I read and re-read this one and all new things that you are doing. The fire pit really gets my attention. My daughter and granddaughter visited someone at the church and they invited them to come out and they made a meal in a fire pit (I forget what they called it, I think it was called a "hobo" dinner.) They mixed together hamburger, carrots, potatoes, onions, celery, added some salt and pepper, and wrapped it in aluminum foil, and placed it in the fire pit. They let it cook for 45 minutes, and it was sooo......good. You may want to try it sometime. Your rugs are so beautiful. Makes me jealous because I have no talent whatever. YOu have such imagination and I am waiting to see what else you are planning.

Deb said...

The hobo meal sounds interesting! The next thing I'm planning is for you to come over and sit by the fire with me!