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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Spring Robins

Spring is definitely on the way. I have a red berry bush in my back yard and the robins have just about eaten all the berries. 

Also, it's getting time to think about camping and kayaking soon!  I have been so busy with my new website and blog at . Also I've spent pretty much time figuring out the social networks, like twitter and networked blogs.  It can be a bit overwhelming. 

My newest creativity is miniatures. I am making dollhouse crocheted bedspreads and rugs, mini quilts, and also mini original art.  Dad cut me some pieces of thin wood or paneling type material, some are 1/2" x1", or 1"x2" - very tiny.  I hope to be adding all these to my website soon. Also, I've found a couple of miniature website magazines and selling places. 

Bottom line - so busy - can't keep up my blog. I don't see how people post to their blogs daily! 
Please visit my website/blog when you get a chance.  I would also like to get some comments from you.

Until next time/deb

1 comment:

Julia said...

Deb, it's nice hearing from you and to know that your website is doing really well keeping you very busy. I too can't wait for spring as I've had enough of winter for now. I don't kayak but love to garden as soon as the soil can be work. We had about 2 foot of snow on the roof that it had to be shoveled off yesterday.

Your website is amazing and you have a store of stuff to sell. You've been a very busy girl and I hope that you are enjoying every minutes of it.

Wishing you a prosperous year. JB