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Sunday, January 16, 2011


Had a very nice birthday.  I took Renee' to the store so that she could buy me a birthday present. We went to the isle that seemed like a good one, I told her I would close my eyes so it would be a surprise. We went to the checkout and I told the man what was going on, so he scanned it, put it in a bag, and then Renee' paid him.  Although I didn't look, I also didn't lose sight of Renee'. Then she wanted to get me some flowers, so we went to Kroger and she bought me two little bundles of purple flowers - absolutely beatiful. Then she said, "How about a cake" - so we went to the bakery and there was a beautiful cake with a butterfly (I can keep for memory), so we got that too.  The "peepie" frog was my surprise and you probably know just how much I cherish it.  We took our party goodies over to my parents and Renee' gave me a little party - very nice. She is such a special gift to me.  The picture here is after we got home. I was working on my doll making, and she said "How about cake and ice cream" - so we had another birthday treat.  Great day.

Oh yes, Renee' has finished a couple more of her latch hook rugs. I will take a picture soon and post them.  One of them is a dragonfly which she gave to me - my kayak is "the Dragonfly" and she knows I like them. 

I miss talking to everyone but I have been so busy trying to get my website going, making my snow folks, and blogging there. I wish everyone a wonderful new year. 


Julia said...

Happy Birthday Deb. What a nice thing for Renee to do this for you. She sure is a special girl indeed.

I just wanted you to know that my youngest daughter Christine just got her new baby boy early this morning at 1:44am.

It was a short labor.
I'm flying to see her tomorrow morning and will stay as long as she needs me.

Again, Happy Birthday Deb. JB

Kim said...

Happy belated birthday Deb. It sounds like Renee made a wonderful day for you.
Very sweet!